Vacuum lifting equipment

UAB Mechatronika is official retailer of the world-wide known, leader of its production field, German company Fezer Gmbh. We offer the widest spectre of Fezer compnents:
Vacuum VacuPowerlift lifters - charms with its simple and very easy control. Operator, controling the vacuum lifter can easily lift various goods up to 200 kg weight and 50m/min speed by using only one hand and the power of vacuum. Adaption possibilities of these lifters in manufactoring and logistics industry are practically edless.
Vacuum Fezer lifting machines are optimized and arranged to few groups by their type of usage:
VacuBoy - vacuum lifters of horizontal transportation with tilting, flipping and more functions, produced to move sheet or brick shape production up to 2 tons of weight.
VacuGiants - heavyweight vacuum lifters, real giants, ready to work under the extreme circumstances.
VacuCoil - made to move rolls, tubes and similar production.
VacuWood - for sawmills and wood processing industry, may be combined with various pneumatic claws.
For porous production there are special VacuPro lifters.
The widest vacuum component selection - from vacuuming soles and valves to ...

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